Monday Impressions: Xbox One reveal

Xbox reveal

Last week, Microsoft finally revealed their next console naming it Xbox One. It was an hour long presentation. A presentation that answered one question, but created many more leaving viewers either disappointed, or confused. I was both.

When the event started, Microsoft didn't waste anytime at all. After a brief introduction, they revealed the Xbox One. Unlike Sony's reveal of the PS4, they showed the console upfront together with its new controller.

Xbox-One-logoAfter looking at the console for the first time, I got excited. But all that excitement went away when the presentation went forward. The features were now being talked about, and this is when the confusion started. They started talking about the improved voice recognition, that allows you to quickly switch from game, to TV, to movies with a simple voice command. To sum it all up, the new features for the Xbox One are features gamers would ignore. They are indeed neat features, but I'd rather have an in-game demo of the console's power rather than a demonstration on something I might use a couple of times in the console's lifespan. These features gave me mixed signals, giving me the impression that they didn't focus much on what the device will be used most of the time, which is as a gaming device. I stopped watching TV when I was introduced to the internet, just letting you know Microsoft.


They then moved to EA Sports. At this point I was thrilled we are now moving towards games, but then I got disappointed at what was shown. Again let me sum it up with the order of which how they revealed the new titles - Sports games, Forza 5, one new IP, more sports talk, then Call of Duty: Ghost, that's it folks! And each one were just trailers of the games, not actual demonstration was done during the event. It's obvious that they are holding back on the games for other events because they did mention Xbox One having 15 new exclusives in the first year, with 8 of them being new franchises. That's great to hear, but I don't understand why they needed to hold back on the games, especially when they reveal the console for the first time. And as much as they want xbox to be more than a gaming console(that's what I got out of the presentation), it will always be treated as a gaming device.  I buy consoles based on the games that will be on the console, not because of Kinect 2.0, or any of the features shown during the event.

It should have been a no brainer for Microsoft to focus on why people buy their consoles in the first place. I was expecting game demo's, graphics demonstrations, neat features that would enhance the gaming experience, because at the end of the day, majority of your consumers are gamers, and that's what they want to see. The presentation didn't feel like it was catered to that kind of crowd. Microsoft did mention that during this year's E3, its going to be all about games, but I still can't get the concept of them leaving nothing substantial to create a good first impression, because one thing is for sure, Call of Duty: Ghost is not an eye catcher since it will be available in almost all platforms.

Horray for highly detailed dogs for next-gen Call of Duty!

Putting the presentation aside, The Xbox One, based on the specs given, it could match what the PS4 can generate, but the problem is at this point, there's was no demo given to really have an idea of the Xbox One's performance. The new Kinect, which apparently is required at all times with the Xbox One, has went through a lot of improvements in terms of how accurate they capture your movements. The new controller has no new gimmick included in it as well. I like the new design, but aside from that, nothing much has changed. They are still deciding on what to call the select and start button which is funny because if there's one thing that shouldn't be changed, its that.

Will you buy the Xbox One?

At this point, I'll have to wait. I can't base the console on this lackluster presentation. But honestly, I think everybody that is considering a next-gen console should wait before making up their mind. How long? Until E3 at least, because that's when the big three companies go all in. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will definitely go all out in their games during the big event, so it all depends on what they have in store for us on the first week of June. Microsoft dropped the ball on their reveal for me, but I won't count them out yet with E3 only weeks away. Right now, PS4, and even the Wii U is ahead of Xbox One, but all that can change with one big event. The console wars has officially begun!

Did you watch the Xbox One reveal? What were your thoughts?