Weekend! What are you playing?

rising_ss03 Yey, the weekend! Do I go out and have as many drinks as I can until I pass out on a sidewalk, sleep all day, or just play more video games? Actually, I'm going for all three this weekend so good luck to me. What are you playing? 

Quash: I might call it an early night this friday, but after doing my errands tomorrow, I'm planning to play the Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance demo. Been waiting for this demo for weeks since Revengeance might just be my first game of 2013. As of right now, I haven't bought anything new since my Halo 4 purchase in early December. I also plan to play some Path of Exile and get to act 3, and hopefully do some Guild Wars 2 dungeons with some friends if they get online.

Migoy: Haven't really thought about what I'll be playing this weekend. Will probably get around to starting Dmc Devil May Cry on the Son of Sparda difficulty. I definitely need hit the lab in Persona 4 Arena and Street Fighter x Tekken. More so in SFxT because I recently got blown-up badly by a few players online. Plus I just need to step my game up in general. Can't rely on the scrub skills forever. I also borrowed Arlie's copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and heard that there are still people who play it online so I'll try that out. I also just got a new microphone so I'll definitely do some tests for that. Who knows, maybe some good footage might go along with it.

Arlie: What is up? I'm still at the office and I can't wait to get home for the weekend. I'm planning to get into Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch more and play less of Guild Wars 2. I'm only just 16 hours in Ni No Kuni thanks to my schedule. THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING that playing it only for an hour or two a day is just dumb. Earlier this week my Human Elementalist already hit the max level cap of 80 in Guild Wars 2, only to realize that (shit!) this was just the beginning. After that, I've been running down dungeons and trying to finish the story arcs. A major update was up this week in Guild Wars 2 and its called Flame & Frost: Prelude (Game of Thrones reference? anyone?). Feel free to add me in GW2, my gamer tag is arliedavid.6123 roaming at Isle of Janthir. Excelsior!