'See the Future' of Playstation on Feb 20? (PS4?)

See-The-Future-Trailer A video teaser by Sony was released today in YouTube revealing that a big announcement is coming  on February 20. Is this what I think it is? Will Sony be the second among the big three to reveal their next console?

With the Wii U now out for Nintendo, talks about who will be next to reveal a new console was soon to follow. During the second half of 2012, there were tons of talks and discussions about Sony and Microsoft's next-gen console, they are all considered "rumors" of course since there is no official word, but there's no doubt in my mind that we will see at least one console reveal this year, but this early in the year? Heck, why not.

The last time Sony did a meeting like this, they revealed the PS Vita for the first time, so it's only fitting to assume that this could be the PS4 reveal, if it's not, it's still going to be big. Also, the fact that production of the Playstation 2 has finally been ceased shows that Sony now has space for another generation to come in.

teaser page was created to let people sign up to get any updates first, but not other information was placed, only the hashtag #playstation2013 for everybody to start the discussion over at Twitter.

I thought they'd reveal something during this year's E3 but revealing a new product outside big events makes a lot more sense. Why show your next console when other competitors are also revealing their new goods at the same place? You want the attention all on you, and making your own personal press conference is the best way to do it. It also gives Sony the opportunity to make use of those big events like E3 or Gamescom to market the already announced product.

Do you guys also think the Feb 20 announcement is a console reveal?

UPDATE - Wall Street Journal is reporting that the PS3 successor is indeed going to be revealed on Feb 20. Not only that, it might actually be released this christmas.

[Source: PS Blog US]