Recent Buys: Episode 9 - Dragon's Standing Dogma [Update]

yo videogames shirt

Just a week since my previous Recent Buys post and already we have a new episode. This time with an actual videogame.

First things first though. I finally wore my "YO VIDEO GAMES" shirt for the first time and I'm glad to see that I noticed wuite a few people actually took notice of what was printed on it. A small victory but it made me feel proud to wear it. Special thanks to Mac Sorio for the shirt.

blazepro ps3 stand 01

On to business. I finally convinced myself to get the Blazepro Professional Vertical Stand (why do companies like putting the word "professional" on everything?) for the PS3 Slim. Not only does it secure your PS3 while keeping it upright but it can also hold up to 6 game cases, has charging bays for a PSMove controller and a Navigation controller, and also store and charge two PlayStation Dual Shock 3 controllers. What sold me on this were the Dual Shock 3 holders/chargers. I originally wanted to get the Nyko Charge Base 3 for PlayStation 3 but other than it being sold out at Datablitz in Greenhills, it also went for 2900php or something along those lines. It was pretty mad expensive for a controller charging base but boy was it fancy, it uses magnets to connect the controller to the base. Another choice was the Energizer PS3 Charge Station. Similar in design with the Nyko one but instead of using magnets, the controllers would simply attach to a mini-USB connector sticking out of the holders. The holders would then light up while charging. That one went for 1900php or so. The Blazepro stand only went for 675php, not a very hard choice to make. Not only were the Nyko and Energizer charging docks more expensive, they would also take up a lot of space which the table I use for storing Ziggy (my PS3) had very little off. I didn't NEED the stand but compared to the other two choices, the stand was the most practical.

doom be chillin'

The slots for the game cases is a little tight so I might not use those. I don't own a PSMove controller or any games that feature Move support but the space for them is a perfect fit for the small "South Park"-ish Dr. Doom figure I got so Doom be chillin. The stand comes with a USB cable that connects the charged to the USB ports on the front of the PS3 Slim. The cable comes with a USB extension port to make up for the port that the stand it using to charge controllers with so that's pretty cool.

caved for dragon's dogma

As for the actual videogame that I bought, that would be Dragon's Dogma. Capcom's latest action RPG that feature multiple gameplay elements found in a lot of different games that are out now. Imagine Shadow of the Colossus meets Monster Hunter meets Skyrim. I was not planning to get this game since it goes for a whopping 1750php at Datablitz but the gameplay looks really fun and since you hire pawns online, missing out on such a feature while the game is still new would be such a waste. In other words, I caved. I have not actually tried the game out yet but I'll probably talk about it in this week's Weekend post.


Dragon's Dogma comes with a redeem code for the demo of Resident Evil 6. The demo comes out on 07/03/2012 for Xbox360 users and on 09/04/2012 for PS3 users. I find it cool that the redeem code isn't on a separate sheet of paper but instead on the underside of the game cover. Now this is eco-friendly done right.


Update: I purchased a game the day after making this post. To get Skullgirls I got a $20 PSN card because the game was $14.99. That left me with 5 bucks which was just right for episode 1 of The Walking Dead The Game. It may just be a 2 hour game but playing this episode more than once makes up for it since the choices you make can affect current situations and even events in the next episodes. If you like the comic and/or TV series of The Walking Dead then I definitely recommend purchasing episode 1. Telltale tells a good tale, you can count on that.