Weekend, what are you playing?

It's the first week of the June and E3 is literally just days away. All the big reveals are slowly coming out. But for now, what have you been playing this weekend? Quash: What a surprise, I'm still playing Diablo 3! I'm currently at act 3 on Inferno with my Demon Hunter and it's crazy how life doesn't matter at this point. I've given all hope of  increasing my life and resistance to certain elements since enemies hit me way past my full life. Believe me, I've tried upping my defenses but doing so lowers my damage that leaves me with longer fights against groups. It's seems impossible to hit a fine balance to do enough damage and at least survive one hit from anything. Now I'm gearing up my Demon Hunter on purely damage. Since I get one shot anyway at this point, might as well deal tremendous damage and avoid getting hit at all.

Not all was spent on Diablo 3 this weekend though. A couple of friends came over for some drinks and we decided to play some Street Fighter 4. It felt great playing a fighting game again. I was a bit rusty, but we all were since it's been months.


Migoy: I actually didn't get to play a videogame for Saturday which is ironic since I did buy one that very same day. Sure I popped the disc in to let it install, update and to see if it works but I don't consider that playing the game. I DID get to play stuff on Sunday though.

Started Dragon's Dogma, it's pretty cool so far but since I just started out it's not all that exciting yet but it is very very interesting. Hoping to put in more time in that game.

Next up is The Walking Dead The Game. I found out that episode 1 is only $4.99 and after I got Skullgirls with a $20 PSN card, I had just enough left to get it. I did end up finishing it the same night on my first playthrough but there is incentive to replay it again (different morality choices) which I think justifies the 5 dollar purchase for a 2 hour game.

I livestreamed my whole first playthrough on our TwitchTV channel and uploaded it to my personal youtube channel.