First gameplay footage of ZombiU

ZombiU Yea, thinking the same thing - Horrible title, but believe it or not, this is one of the few interesting Wii U games coming exclusively to Nintendo's next console. Ubisoft's ZombiU is obviously a survival horror game that capitalizes the unique features in the Wii U GamePad. Since Nintendo is dumping all the attention to that large controller rather than the console itself, I'm not surprised that the first batch of games are trying to apply the Wii U's unique features. With ZombiU, this is pretty much a first look at what games would look like for core gamers. It looks promising. Check out 10 minutes of gameplay footage.

ZombiU Gameplay

The second screen on your controller fits perfectly for this game. The fact that your checking your inventory, looting corpses, and picking locks in the Wii U controller's small screen creates more tension and fear to the game. It's a survival horror after all. Focusing on the task at hand on the small screen, but actually checking the big screen if any zombie is coming close to you. Should have been nerve-wracking for the player in the video. I also like the fact that you go to third person view while using the Wii U controller, then heads back to first person when done.

E3 Wii U Controller trailer


ZombiU is looking good. The problem is, the gameplay shown again brings the biggest concern with the Wii U console -Is it stronger or weaker than the PS3 or Xbox 360?? Yes, it's a big step up, but the Wii U is considered a next-gen console, the successor to the successful Wii console. From what I'm hearing, the Wii U could be stronger or weaker than current consoles. With how ZombiU looks at this point, it seems weaker. Hopefully there is a lot more developers can dish out in the system as years go by, because its visuals are a bit underwhelming.

ZombiU Trailer

But thanks to ZombiU, I now have one reason to buy the Wii U at this point.