E3 2012: Borderlands 2 gameplay footage, plus info about the story

Borderlands 2 made an appearance this E3 and revealed some new information about this FPS lootfest. In the video, Vice-President Steve Gibson of Gearbox Software talks to VG247 about the game's story, trading, gun codes, while showing new gameplay footage of the game. It's looking great but it looks like we are getting the same game but with new content, and new classes. Not sure if this either good or bad at this point because it seems there isn't anything unique that could separate the difference between the first game to the sequel. Check out the video below.

I'm definitely going to have loads of fun with Borderlands 2, but I was hoping the sequel would bring deeper RPG elements this time around. It seems like Gearbox Software played it safe and just improved on what we loved about the first game rather than bringing in new elements into the game that would make it feel like a different experience.

The weapon looting begins on September 18 for North America, and September 22 for the rest of the world.