Kingdoms of Amalur The Legend of Dead Kel DLC Trailer

Legend of Dead KelKingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning is around two months old and already they are releasing some meaty DLC. When I say meaty, a DLC that's actual Downloadable content. Not the skin or weapon DLC's we see too damn often nowadays. Check out the trailer for the DLC "The Legend of Dead Kel".

The Downloadable content seems to pit the fateless one against pirates, well dead ones. The content will include new weapons, new Twists of Fate, enemies, and a new area filled with quests.

The Legend of Dead Kel will be available for download on March 20 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. If the price is decent, I might consider buying the DLC to have extra stuff to do in Kingdoms of Alamur.