Skyrim 1.5 update brings killcams for ranged and magic

Elder Scrolls SkyrimThe 1.5 update for Skyrim will be adding something interesting. Instead of the usual bug fixes that comes with updates, this one in particular adds new features to the game. When the update goes live, you will have kill cams for your bows, magic, and more melee kill moves.

The update is now live in Steam for beta testing and will be live soon for all platforms. I've set aside Skyrim for now, but with the strong support from the game's community and the devs themselves, the games slowly evolving making me consider to go for another playthrough. Check out the sneak peek of the update.

Check out Bethesda's blog for the release notes of update 1.5. If you have Skyrim on the PC, you can test the 1.5 update in the beta right now, just follow the instructions after the release notes.