Armored Core V Launch Trailer

ACV Whoa whoa whoa! When did this happen? A silent release for one of my favorite video game series?

Armored Core IV / 4Answer was always a game that looked impressive but it wasn't a game that I got a hold on, especially since I'm late with the current gen consoles. I was at Datablitz earlier today, for reasons that I will explain in another post, and I saw on the counter a copy of Armored Core V. I was stunned and double checked the title because I thought that I maybe have just misread "IV" as "V". But it was true, From Software and Namco just released Armored Core V and when I got to the office (I still don't have internet at home at the moment) saw that the launch trailer for it was just posted by IGN.

I know next to nothing about the game but it's something that I want, too bad it can't fit in my budget at the moment. Curse you, video games! To be honest the trailer looks a little underwhelming but still, I want this game.