Recent Buys: Episode 4 - Migoy finally goes HD

bayonetta you're a mystery Not only was I late to current gen gaming, I was also late to the HD party. That is no longer an issue as I finally bought an HDTV.

Shout-outs to my dad for hooking me up with the money for the tv as it was an early birthday gift from him to me so that's awesome. I got a Panasonic Viera 32" LCD TV (model TH-32C4X). It was going for 14,490php at Gamextreme, which is the same shop where I got the iCore Arcade Sticks. Games look amazing in HD. I can actually read stuff on screen now, legit. I've tried playing using both HDMI and Component cables. To stream and capture footage, we'd have to use the component cables because that's the input jacks of the capture box that we have. You can really tell the difference with how crisp the image output of HDMI compares to component but using component cables is still very playable.

panasonic viera

Aside from the new TV, I passed by Datablitz to get a game that's been on my waitlist even before I got a PS3. That game is Bayonetta, the flashy and sexy action game by Platinum Games. I've only gotten past the first level and you can really see the frame drops of the PS3 version compared to the smoother Xbox 360 version but I was still smiling the whole time. As a person who needs more single player games right now, I'm glad I finally picked this game up. I was lucky too as it was last copy that Datablitz had available. My copy of Bayonetta is an R1 release and went for 950php cash.

Today I hooked up the Wii to the new TV and set the output to 480p (the closest thing we'll get to HD Wii gaming that's not emulated). Tried out The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which still looks really good but I can see why people complain about the Wii not being in HD. You can notice the jagged lines since the Wii has a lower resolution. Aside from Zelda, I also popped in Rhythm Heaven Fever. Since Rhythm Heaven Fever relies mostly on sprite animations, the jump from a CRT TV to an LCD TV wasn't that big of a difference but still having a bigger display just adds to the fun.