I Am Alive hitting the Playstation Network on April 3

I Am Alive Ubisoft confirms that their latest downloadable game, I Am Alive, will hit the PSN on April 3 in the US and April 4 in Europe. The game will cost you $14.99. The game is already out on Xbox Live since March.

It's set on a world torn apart by a devastating earthquake of some kind. The story revolves around the Protagonist exploring a ruined city in hopes to find his family alive. The concept and setting look amazing, but what puzzles me is that this game was announced way back in 2008, and is now a download-only title. Not a retail game. Years in development for a $15 dollar game? There was definitely issues during that time which makes me a bit hesitant

Still have the urge to grab this game but maybe a small discount in the future might make it easier to press the "buy" button.