VGA weekend, what are you playing

video game awards 2011 The Spike Video Game Awards 2011 is happening this weekend but what do you do while waiting for a show about video games? Play more video games! So, what are you playing?


Migoy: Did a bit of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 training. Finally looked at the move list of some characters as opposed to just trying every hadouken and shoryuken command with every character I try. Strangely enough I spent almost an hour playing Power Rangers: Samurai on the Wii. I got the game last week cause it was my nephew’s birthday and he loves Power Rangers. Good mindless fun and perfect for the kids. Did I mention that it has 2 player co-op? After that I played a bit of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Made my way to the forest temple which is probably the least intimidating forest temple from any 3D Zelda game but it’s ok. The motion controls are a absolute blast, flailing has never felt so good. Oh and I did spend some time playing a bunch of PS3 demos like Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition and WWE All-Stars.

Quash: Played a bit of DC Universe Online together with Battlefield 3. Why I re-downloaded DCUO again, I have no idea. Maybe because its free now? Anyway, since Back to Karkand is now out for the PS3, I've been trying the new maps out and their pretty fun to play on. A bit buggy still with invisible walls in some areas and some ledges where you can jump over. The four new maps feels a bit small compared to maps like Caspian Border but their a welcome addition to the lineup of maps. I finished Skyrim last week around tuesday and already started my second playthrough. Planning to continue playing when the 1.3 patch arrives so I can install the game for less loading time. It can take quite awhile when your midway into the game.