Cinematics coming from Square Enix is still quite immpressive

Lightning vs Caius As much as all the confusion towards Final Fantasy XIII-2 or even the current status of the series, Square Enix still proves that they can still produce amazing CG videos. They just released a new trailer and it's a perfect example if what I'm talking about.

I was a fan of the Final Fantasy series back in the day but when they started releasing games such as Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII and their latest entry Final Fantasy XIII, well let's just say I lost hope of ever getting hyped for a Final Fantasy game. This sequel to the linear Final Fantasy XIII is said to be the game that the first one should have been. Will this game be a better game as the first? it might come out that way since what was missing in the first is now present(towns, shops, exploration in general).

If you want a clear idea on what's going on check out the story trailer, but I think you'll even more confused.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is only months away. The game will be out in Japan on December 15, while the US version will be out on January 31 2012 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.