The bluest sky is infinitely high and crystal clear

boxed What's better than one controller? Two controllers. I was on a quest, to find a PlayStation-to-USB controller adapter from CDR-King (a local electronics shop) so that I can connect a PS2 controller to act as a 2nd controller on Ziggy (my PS3) but alas, I had failed that quest.

I went to 3 different CDR-King branches, waited in line for God knows how long in each branch only to find out that "sir, out-of-stock". I'm a bit tight on cash but I made the decision that if I can't find that PS2-to-USB adapter thing that I would man-up and just buy a PS3 controller.

And I did. I went to Datablitz in Megamall and they had a small selection of controllers. Originally I was planning on getting a simple black colored controller and save getting different colored ones for the 3rd and 4th. However, I spotted a clear red one at the edge of the pearl coated controllers. I took a look at it and asked if they had more colors, the clerk wasn't sure.


Always been a fan of clear PlayStation controllers. Even back in the original Dualshock days of the original PlayStation, I always found em sexy. A neighbor of mine had one in clear green. I caved and decided to get the clear red one, the clerk then went to check the older stock for one with a fresher looking box, the one on display was a bit on the dirty side. I followed and asked just one more time if they had a controller in blue, lucky for me that was the first one she pulled out. A huge smile went on my face and voila, I am a proud owner of a clear cosmic Dualshock 3. I also got a new USB cable since none of the controllers come with any and I'm running short on that kind of USB cable.

Why did I get a 2nd controller so soon despite being short or cash? It's Marvel baby! Also, I just thought up a name for it (usually when I name things, I tend to take better care of them). Call him DiEnd, pronounced like "The End".

kamen raido diend