EA giving BF 3 PS3 players a copy of Battlefield 1943 after all

Battlefield 3Just when I was about to retire for the day, something interesting has come up. EA is finally living up to their promise a few months back, each player who owns a Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 will get a free digital copy of Battlefield 1943 by simply activating your online pass. They say there was a "Misunderstanding" over the affair but we know what really happened. To get everybody updated: EA announced way back that each Playstation 3 copy of battlefield 3 will come with a free copy of Battlefield 1943, all was happy with the news. Release day comes, and the free copy that was promised was nowhere to be found. It was later announced that instead of giving a free copy of Battlefield 1943, they would give PS3 players access to DLC a week earlier. Access to DLC a week in advance or a free full game?  yep, complete rip-off.

With EA taking back that promise of a free game, they now have a case filed on them for not living to that promise. Ouch. Legal firm Edelson McGuire has filed a class-action lawsuit against EA on behalf of consumers who were promise a free copy of Battlefield 1943. The free copy of a full game is a strong incentive to choose the PS3 version over other versions of the game, for them to take back that promise after consumers have bought the game is the issue here. The firm also claims that EA has misled their costumers to buy the PS3 version for an exclusive content they were not planning to provide in the end.  They announced the change of exclusive content on the PS3 version via Twitter after the release of the game.

A few days have passed since the case was filed and EA announces that they will be releasing the said Exclusive content to owners of the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 after all.  Funny how everything turns out.

They have released the date to when we can redeem our free copy. Europe gets first dibs on November 26 with North America to follow on December 10. Asia and Japan will get it last on December 17(dammit! why we always last!) If you have a copy of Battlefield 3, you can get your instructions on how to get your free Battlefield 1943 copy here.

[Source: VG247]