Weekend, what are you playing?

Dokan Dokan You know the drill. It's the weekend and you gotta tell us and the world what you are up to in gaming.

Migoy: Well my analog stick is still on the fritz so any PSP games I have are on hold for the moment. I'd play them on Phats but the buttons on the PSP-1000 aren't up to the task most of the time so my DS is getting some love at the moment. Still on the DBKai/DBZ craze and I got Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden on there. Beat the DBZ story mode in 4 hours but after doing the movie fights, alternate stories, and most of the challenge missions, the game time has racked up to 12 hours which is quite hefty for an anime fighting game, especially one that has gone under my radar for a few months after it was first released.

Quash: Actually not playing anything right now. Currently in the province visiting family, and with all the activities planned the whole week, all i got was 2 hours of Duels of Planeswalker in my PC just to kill time. Before I left though i was able to do 2 hours of Gears of War 3. Still at the start of the campaign and only able to do at least 2 horde games in multiplayer. I already notice that it takes awhile to find a game. North America seems to have no problems with matchmaking but Asia seems to have a deeply lower pool of players. Hopefully that picks up in the following weeks or maybe its my NAT settings?