Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

Critical Mess Never heard of this Duke Nukem game? I'm not surprised. I had never heard of this game too up until one of my trips to Datablitz. When I saw it on the shelf I went "wtf?" and as soon as I got home, I did some research on the game.

There were two of these Duke Nukem games in development, one for the Nintendo DS and the other for the Sony PSP. Trailers of these games exist on the internet and while the PSP one looked like a fun little budget 3rd person shooter, it never made it out to the market. The DS one got released and I gotta say after playing the little sucker I'd tell anyone to steer clear from this game, even if it's just for shits and giggles.

The DS version is a mix of many types of shooters. For the most part it's a really bad side scroller then it goes into these sniper segments. After that you find Duke wearing a jet pack and it becomes a top down space ship shooter style and to finish it all, the game becomes a 3rd person shooter similar to the PS1 Duke Nukem games.

Now if the developers just focused on one of these aspects then I think the game would have been decent or at the most part playable. But since it's split up into all of these game types, it just becomes a cluster fuck or bad controls, half-assed gameplay, and just downright utter confusion.

I had intially planned to beat the game and then review it just to be able to show the world how bad this is but I can't even work up the nerve to pop the game back in my poor DS Lite.