DC Universe Online going Free to Play

Sony Online Entertainment announced that their adapting the now famous Free-To-Play model to DC Universe Online. No surprise there since a few months ago they brought the server count to 4. They say the change isn't because of the reduced players in the game, it's just a better business model to maintain the game. Whatever the reason, playing an online game for free is always a welcome change.

There's going to be three types of plans for DC Universe Online - Free, Premium, and Legendary

Free Players will have access to pretty much all the 1-30 content including raids and alerts, but of course have a lot of restrictions like cash limits and only having 2 character slots, you can't trade, you can't auction, and more. The usual restrictions for free players in MMO's that encourages you to buy stuff.  There will also be adventure packs and DLC which you will have to buy.

Premium Players has a little bit more freedom, just a bit. If you spend at least $5 or more in the game your instantly placed as a Premium Player.

You have a higher cash limit, the option to auction now, 6 characters slots to use, you can trade items only, and more. For only $5 to become a Premium Player, I think it's worth the investment if you really want to try out the game. Free Players are just too limited.

The last one is the Legendary Player. Which is pretty much access to everything. DLC, adventure packs and all will be free, but for a monthly fee of $15.

I have the game on the PS3 and was just curious how an MMO can work in console. Well that curiosity just lasted a month and didn't even pay for the second month. Wasn't too impressed with the game. While it was fun at first, but as you progress to the end content I didn't get the urge to improve my character and enjoy raids. At the same time, they didn't have that much end game content. Since it's free to play, I'll give the game another try, see the changes when they launch the new Free-To-Play model.

Check the official website for more information, they also provided a FAQ.

[Source: VG247]