Weekend, what are you playing?

July is over and August is here. Oh how time flies. What are you playing?

Migoy: After coming home from work Saturday morning, I hit the sack and slept like a rock through the morning. Went out during the afternoon looking for things that could better my broadcasting setup so I didn't really do any solid gaming as I just booted up games to test stuff out. But since I was out, I had my trusty PSP with me and with it some Super Saiyan action. I put back Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2 Another Road which was my first PSP game and was the game that got me hyped to save up for a PSP in the first place. Just some good clean fun punching dudes with a force that could destroy mountains and blasting people with beams of light. Kamehameha!

Quash: Last saturday i finally did it, I bought myself an Xbox 360! an early early birthday present to myself. It's an Xbox 360 250gb slim with no Kinect, I'll make a post about it soon about the details, but this weekend I'm playing Halo: Reach and Alan Wake, the first games for my Xbox. Just activated my one month free in Xbox live gold and tried out Reach's MP, next I'm going to start my first playthrough of Alan Wake.

Arlie: This week I started my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 as the default male Shepard. I am already 30 hours in-game, doing all the sidequests possible and all the loyalty missions. In my next playthrough, I'll play as a female Shepard maybe in Insanity difficulty.