Weekend, what are you playing?

What are you playing this weekend?

Migoy: I finally completed all the missions in Gundam Memories. Aside from that I've been tackling some random PS2 titles. You can probably catch me live on the feed at our Jusin.tv channel.

Quash: Still playing Xenogears this weekend. Currently on 21 hours game time with Fei at level 33. Just got Elly and Rico and is heading to the Goliath factory.

Also been playing Starcraft 2 with some buddies doing 3v3 ladder. The difference of 1v1 to 2v2 and 3v3 are huge, it was hard to get used to, and most of my build orders need adjustment since there are like 2 to 3 armies to worry about. In 1v1, i'm currently going back and forth from rank 1 to rank 2 in my platinum league, and i can't seem to bump up to Diamond League.


Arlie: I am playing NieR this weekend. I was able to finish my first playthrough in less than 15 hours to get the trophy. I really liked the story a lot. There's still 3 more endings I need to unlock to complete it.


Great OST too.