E3 2011: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City stage demo

We finally got some gameplay footage of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Thanks to Gamespot, we get to see what's new in this Resident Evil 4 player co-op game. There's a lot of new elements added to this title, like the ability to move while shooting. It may not be a big deal for some but we all know how Resident Evil works and this is the first time in the series. It's a welcome change and i can't imagine a 4 player co-op with the typical stop then shoot concept of Resident Evil.

The game looks fun and they have a lot of interesting stuff added this time around. For one you can actually turn into a zombie. For the first time, players can get infected and earn certain benefits like zombies ignoring you while infected. Your life bar turns blue and it slowly goes down, if you don't get a cure soon from one of you teammates.....well you turn. Your teammates will have to kill you before you can respawn.

The story in Operation Raccoon City is for the first time players are the bad guys. yea weird right? but actually pretty cool when you know why your there. This all happens in the events of Resident Evil 2 of course so Leon and Claire are there doing their own thing, at the same time Umbrella sent their own special squad to clean the mess up. So this squad the player plays is aware of the outbreak and all the baddies unleashed in Raccoon City, your job is to simply kill everything and clean any evidence leading to Umbrella.

Leon and Claire are doing their own thing, Umbrella is doing their own thing, also the government is taking action. They are aware of whats happening so they send some special forces to find out whats happening. It pretty much a free for all in this game. As the two forces fight go against each other, they still have to be aware of the zombies wandering around trying to kill all of them. So it's pretty crazy. Enough talk, go check out this offscreen demo of the game to give you an idea on what i was talking about.

Head over to the link to see Gamespot's stage demo of the game - http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6318302/

Here's another footage from IGN showing an off-screen video of Operation Raccoon City's gameplay if you want a bit more.

Part 1


Part 2