Weekend, what are you playing?

Here we are the at first weekend of May. PSN is still down but that can't keep a good gamer down. So what are you playing this weekend?

Migoy: Dissidia Duodecim is still hogging my PSP but I have been able to touch some other games. Started Cave Story again and I forgot how good that game was so I'll definitely be playing some more of that. I bought a Gun accessory for the Wii and it works suprisingly well, better than I expected at least so that made me revisit some of my older Wii shooting games such as Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles. I also just got Thor: God of Thunder on the Wii and with that, by Odin's might I say thee NAY!

Quash: Saturday i joined a Super Street Fighter 2v2 tournament and had a blast. Won my first 2 matches, hit the winner's bracket and went downhill from there. After my team got eliminated I stayed to watch the Grand Finals and watching the best the Philippines has to offer was a treat. I played Chun Li and my partner played Honda, I didn't know my partner before the tournament since we teamed up in their forums but we both did well.

The tournament was a success so congratulations to pinoy2dfighters for a job well done, will make a post about it soon with pictures from the event. Since that tournament is over, i think ill continue my 4th Mass Effect 2 play through and get it over with.