Weekend, what are you playing?

We enter into the month of May and with the PlayStation Network still down, meaning that all PS3 owners have no online fun for 2 weekends now. Still, people nowadays usually have more than one means of playing a video game here or there. So, what are you playing this weekend? 

Migoy: Still fighting the good fight in Dissidia 012 Duodecim: Final Fantasy. 50+ hours in and halfway through Scenario 000. Grinding with other characters on Quick Party battles on the side. I have a few PSX titles on my PSP which I got before the great PSN crash of 2011. Also found a few older PSX titles such as the 3 Road Rash games and Harry Potter 1. A bit of nostalgia gaming. I also found a GameCube memory card at Datablitz which I bought in a heartbeat and tested it by revisiting Mortal Kombat Deception, that game controls like butt.

Quash: Finally sat down and finished Crysis 2 yesterday. It was a great game overall and i'm thinking of making a review about it. Since Crysis 2 is out of the way i think i'll continue with Portal 2, i just started and hoping to finish this too by today. It was said to be arund 6-8 hours long but of course it all depends if i fail in some of the test chambers.

Arlie: Still playing Patapon 3, I am using Yumiyacha (Ranged type) as my primary Uberhero class and switched it to Wondabarappa who shoots crap out of a magical tuba. I might finally start on Dissidia 012 Duodecim: Final Fantasy this week. I will also play and hopefully finish today the fourth episode of Back To The Future: The Game which is entitled "Double Visions".