Weekend, what are you all playing?

Well the weekend is upon us again and you know what that means. Vidj00 games! What are you playing? Migoy: I got the Lightning badge in Pokemon White so I'm half way to the league now. Sunday is my Special Day in the Dissidia 012 Duodecim: Final Fantasy calendar so the sound of leveling up after almost every battle is as satisfying as ever.

My Nintendo Wii has gotten some love this weekend. Aside from some TvC (Tatsunoko vs. Capccom: Ultimate All-Stars) action, I replayed Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. I've beaten it before but got the good ending so now I'm working to be completely evil and see how things go. The story is still butt and as expected in an open world Spider-Man game, glitches galore but I found myself playing it through the whole afternoon and later again after having supper.

Quash: I played some split screen Call of Duty: Black Ops with some cousins after coming home from the beach and watched one of them get mutilated in Dead Space 1. I played Marvel vs. Capcom 3, before I left I practiced doing the Dr. Doom M&M loop combo for 3 hours to get it perfect.

Arlie: It's Gran Turismo 5 for me this weekend, finally had the patience to download those buttload of patches. I just purchased my Formula Gran Turismo car off the Online Dealership yesterday for 5,000,000 Credits. I'm currently at Level 25 A-Spec and trying to complete the Extreme Series to get the Grand Finale trophy. Hopefully I could grind up to Level 35 A-spec this weekend to unlock the Red Bull X1 Challenge

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47alVbu6QGg&w=480&h=390]