[Update] E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts III Coming to PS4 and Xbox One


Need I say more? We've all been waiting for this for nearly a decade now and they've finally announced Kingdom Hearts III.

The "III" tease at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Nomura saying that the next Kingdom Hearts will be a numbered entry being true is such a sigh of relief. Finally, a proper  home console version of a new KH game. This and the new gameplay trailer that we got for Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now labeled as Final Fantasy XV) is reason enough for me to get a PS4.

I'm not the biggest KH fan out there but I've played most of them and I appreciate the story (convoluted as it is), This geniunely has me excited. All the feels, man. All the videogame feels.

And look, Sora grabs what looks to be Mark Hamil's~ I mean Master Eraqus' Keyblade. You know what that means. :D (VENTUS)

Kingdom Hearts III will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.