E3 2013: Killer Instinct will be Free-to-Play

killerinstinct_jago_vs_sabrewulfOne of the best things to come out of the Microsoft Press Con was the announcement of a new Killer Instinct game by Rare. Now while the gameplay and artstyle doesn't exactly look next-gen (in my opinion anyway), the return of this IP was indeed very exciting.

Being an exclusive to Xbox One, the game will be one of the console's launch titles and will be free-to-play. Sounds too good to be true? It kind of is. While it is free to play, Jago is announced as the sole free character. While not essentially being a bad Freemium move, I would have expected that they'd make at least two characters be playable like most fighting game demos that come out. Come to think of it, it actually makes sense. Xbox One with ONE free character.

It's a shame that this is a Xbox One exclusive. I played Killer Instinct back in the day on the SNES with my friends and as awesome as this announcement was, it's not enough to make me want to get the very restrictive Xbox One.