E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV Trailer with English Subtitles (formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

Final-Fantasy-XV If you've been following Final Fantasy Versus XIII, you'd know of it's shaky development cycle. With Tetsuya Nomura halting development on this to work on other games like Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Final Fantasy XIII-2, months and months pass where we get no update about Final Fantasy Versus XIII leading many to believe that the game was just outright cancelled.


That is not the case as Square Enix announced during Sony's E3 press conference that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is back and under a new name, Final Fantasy XV. Shown with a significant amount of gameplay and now running on the PS4, we're all glad that this game isn't dead.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Are your bodies ready?