Injustice: Gods Among Us Official Scorpion DLC Trailer

Injustice Scorpion 01So Scorpion has been officially revealed as the next DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Scorpion's move set similarities to Batman are more apparent now. He seems to have a starting low kick that leads to a high. The low slide is also present. The spear that pulls opponents towards you as opposed to Batman's grapple that pull HIM towards the opponent. Meter burning the spear stops them and puts them in a stun state while putting Scorpion into a neutral state to enable for combo extension. Scorpion's teleport has also made a comeback, no telling yet how cheap this might be in the actual game. He seems to have a move that lights himself on fire. I'm guessing it has similar properties to that of Grundy's fart gas. And finally the hellfire that he summons below his opponents. My guess is that move will still be unblockable.

Injustice Scorpion 02

The grab animation and his clash animation are hilarious and kinda awesome. His super is a little elaborate while still being a tad underwhelming though the initial hit does look really good. The intro and win poses are fantastic though I find the win pose a little bit on the long side. Looks like we'll be getting another free costume once Scorpion rolls out, this time it's Superman running his Black Lantern look.

Oh, and that Martian Manhunter teaser at the end.