[Updated - MP trailer]The Last of Us multiplayer details and gameplay footage

The Last of Us MP SS01 With nearly a week until The Last of Us finally hits stores, Naughty Dog is finally releasing information about the multiplayer aspect of their new IP.

One preview by TheSixthAxis gives in detail about how multiplayer works. Multiplayer for The Last of Us will be called 'Factions'

In Factions, there will be two clans to choose from. Now, Clan's are important because it's all about trying to keep your clan stocked up in supplies and making sure they survive for 12 weeks. For each match in multiplayer, that represents a day in the game, and as you progress, your survival count grows.

Quick facts about Factions

  • Choose one of two clans
  • Each match represents a day, try to survive 12 weeks
  • There are two game types
  • There are seven maps
  • Plenty of customization options and load-out tweaks to keep things interesting

UPDATED - Now the previews have now gone live, but how does the gameplay look? Well, have a look at the trailer then.

At this point, the Multiplayer doesn't look appealing at all. I still don't have a full grasp on what makes Factions different, aside from the lack of bullets you will have to spray on your enemies. With this game, everybody is really going to focus on the Single Player campaign. How successful the MP will be for Naughty Dog will really depend on how much we will like the gameplay found on the Single Player experience.

Multiplayer I think isn't necessary for a game like this, but I've said that to Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 2, and both proved me wrong. So I'll keep an open mind until I get to play it myself.