TMG Podcast Episode 186 - Apple Strike Force on The Borderlands 3


This week on the TMG Podcast — Miguel and Matthew were joined by Raffy from GG Network, Geekend Gladiators and one of the hosts of The Good Trades brigade.

What do they talk about? The guys start things off with Borderlands 3 and Raffy brought a lot of optimism about it’s first trailer while Matthew thinks it was MORE-derlands than a sequel.

They then shift to Apple’s Apple Arcade, which is a service that will featured exclusive mobile games that can be played in any Apple device. Miguel talks about Unheard, which we bet you never heard about, and Raffy, despite him saying he doesn’t have much time to play games thanks to being in the adult world, we was still able to sneak in a few hours via the Nintendo Switch and his phone. He talks about L.A. Noire on the Switch, and some Marvel Strike Force for mobile at the end.

This is slowly turning into a weekly podcast and if you have any thoughts on the topics covered in this episode, do let us know. Or better yet, join in on the discussion.

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