Local Newspaper Reported That Pokémon Gun Was The Real Deal


Ever since Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was announced by Nintendo, fans and pretty much everybody on the internet went nuts.

With the modest amount of information revealed so far, everyone’s going crazy. The female Pokémon trainer is presumed to have a Scottish accent based on her clothes. Even Sobble, one of the starting Pokémon has been memed up as a perpetually depressed water-type Pokémon. But one of the first and best jokes was a Pokemon Gun logo. and a local newspaper thought it was the real deal.

Or maybe we’re missing something? Probably not. We are pretty sure there are only two versions of the game slated for a late 2019 release for the Nintendo Switch.

The logo of the fake version called Pokémon Gun was enough for a newspaper in Mexico named La voz de Michoacán  to run it together with their feature on Sword and Shield and physically published it for mass consumption. It was revealed by Twitter user Cin Ceja which provided screenshots of the feature in all its glory.

Users asked for a full shot of the article, and he was kind enough to provide it.

Pretty awkward, for those involved in the publishing. But let this be a friendly reminder to folks that publishes content (especially if it’s printed) — always double check your sources.