ESGS 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Impressions

Devil May Cry 5 ESGS 2018_01jpg

Capcom's representation at this year's ESGS came in the form of the hotly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2 and smokin' sick stylish Devil May Cry 5. The demo of DMC5 present at the Capcom booth only featured Nero with his new hairstyle and his new robotic arm, complete with combat arenas full of baddies to combo and a solid boss fight.

Unlike the RE2 demo, which had a 10 minute hidden timer, there is no hard time limit running in the game. You either beat the boss, or die, before the game throws you back to the title screen.

The DMC5 demo does have two control options available in the form of either full manual controls or a more simplified auto combo system. Having played previous DMC games, it's nice to see Nero still looking to have most of his older moveset from DMC4 present here, with the flavor being the slew of robot arms that replaces his now lost Devil Bringer arm.

From a Mazinger Z like rocket punch that doubles as a hover board to one that shocks foes with a burst of electricity to another arm which pseudo replicates the pull and command throws of his old Devil Bringer arm, Nero's tool kit has expanded to a degree that put a huge smile on my face.

Capcom Booth_ESGS 2018.jpg

DMC5 also forgoes the classic "Resident Evil" style camera angles from past iterations to a more modern third person perspective that widens out at the perfect moments as combat begins and ends. It's a refreshing update to an otherwise very familiar environment of the Devil May Cry series. Taking some good parts from mostly despised DmC Devil May Cry spin-off game and modernizing  the tried and true formula of older DMC games for the current generation.

I've been personally looking forward to DMC5 since it's announcement but need that little push to fully convince me to pick it up on day one. Devil May Cry 5 comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019.