Borderlands 3 Gets A Teaser Trailer

Gearbox Software just released a teaser trailer for a new Borderlands game. Everybody is saying Borderlands 3 except the developers. Even in this teaser, which you can watch above, doesn’t confirm that it will be a numbered title.

But we do get to see some familiar faces. The teaser is filled with marble-like statues of key characters in the Borderlands universe, like Mordecai, Brick, Lilith, and what looks to be an older Tiny Tina.

The rest seem to be new faces, and hopefully we get a proper introduction when Gearbox Software reveals this Borderlands game at PAX East tomorrow, March 28, 6PM GMT during their panel livestream.

I’m sure everybody is excited for another entry in the Borderlands entry, but with so many looter shooters and open world games since the last release, what does a Borderlands 3 announcement mean these days?