Lawbreakers Gets Crazy Shade In The Form of Shit Talk From Game Exec


No one would argue that Lawbreakers was one of the more ignominous crash and burns of 2017 and a huge embarassment for Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski and his studio Boss Key Productions. For despite favorable reviews, the game never developed a solid player base. Lawbreakers’ numbers tumbled so hard that Boss Key eventually shut down last May.

The game was published by Nexon and it’s reasonable to assume that not everyone involved in the relationship between it and Boss Key felt great about how things turned out. One such person is Vlad Coho, former VP of marketing at Nexon America. He’s giving a talk at DevGAMM, a game executive conference that will be held in Seattle later this month.

The title of the talk? “Lawbreakers: How I Blew Millions Marketing the Biggest Flop of 2017.” It stands to reason that Coho intends to outline the mistakes he felt he made while explicating on the things he would’ve done differently. That being said, that’s a rather inflammatory title for a talk at a professional conference.

Certainly, everyone has regrets over the failures they’re associated with, but few would shit talk their former partners so openly at a professional conference. And Coho will absolutely have a captive audience for his talk, not just for the schadenfreude, but for the opportunity to learn from what really has been one of the most depressing launches in recent memory.

But it’s almost certain that after this talk, he’ll discover that people will be reluctant to go into business with him. At least not after they they recognize that Coho is the kind of guy who will blithely throw his former partners under the bus.

The story is currently blowing up on Twitter, and Cliff Bleszinski for his part, has declined to comment, outside of thanking fans for their support.