This Amazing Uncharted Short Film Stars Nathan Fillion As Nathan Drake


While the wheels turn ever so slowly on the Uncharted movie, actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) and his friends went and made their own 15-minute action movie tribute to the beloved series.

This short fan-film – which, given Fillion’s clout as an Internet fave, is unlikely to get taken down by Sony – features just about everything fans would want from an Uncharted movie: wisecracks, signature beatdowns, obscure references to explorer lore and even a camera shift into third person over the shoulder cover shooter mode for a shootout.

Fillion cryptically teased this fan film last week on a tweet that cryptically read, “Sic Parvis Magna,” followed by the date “7/16/18,” attached to a photo of Drake, the rapper. Although Fillion was an Internet favorite to play Nathan Drake in the series’ earlier years, many fans concede that at 47 years old, he might be too past his prime to take on the role.

The film was directed by Allan Ungar, a Canadian filmmaker best known for directing the 2016’s action thriller Gridlocked. Of course, Drake never flies solo, so Stephen Lang (Avatar, Don’t Breath) plays a supporting presence as Drake’s mentor-partner Sully and Mircea Monroe (Episodes) appears later on as Elena.

An Uncharted film has always been in the works at Sony Pictures Entertainment. While I'm largely hesitant about games being turned into movies, fans long to see Uncharted's cinematic flair adapted for the silver screen. Spider-Man star Tom Holland is currently attached to play a young Drake with Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy on board to direct.

Until that film fantasy really gets off the ground, here’s Nathan Fillion making all your dreams come true.