Uncharted 4 Getting Updated This Week, Adds Survival Co-op And More Multiplayer Content

Uncharted 4's Survival update is coming this week and adds a hefty amount of content for players to play around with, one being a new horde-like co-op. 

During a live-stream event by Naughty Dog via Twitch, they confirmed that the update will go live on December 14 and will be a 3GB download. The Survival update adds new content for competitive multiplayer - new weapons, new boosters, two maps: Prison and Trainwreck, a new game mode: King of the Hill, and new skins.

Also, expect more multiplayer content down the road. Naughty Dog provided a road map so that we have an idea what to expect in the future. 

Despite Uncharted 4 being Nathan Drake's last hurrah, Naughty Dog is no where near done with the Uncharted franchise. The studio will continue the game's multiplayer entering 2017 and at the same time they just announced at the PlayStation Experience a standalone DLC story called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, featuring Chloe Frazer, who was MIA in the 4th game. 

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