The Flame In The Flood Is Free On Humble Right Now


A spring season sale has kicked off at The Humble Store, but even if you aren't in the mood to buy anything, it's worth checking out the site anyway. That's because they're giving away the charming yet haunting roguelike survival adventure The Flame in The Flood for a limited time. 

Originally released in 2016, The Flame in the Flood casts you as young explorer Scout and her dog Aesop as they travel across a flooded countryside. There's a whole lot of wild animals and medical mishaps that stand in their way as they rely on wits and resourcefulness to endure. 

I've played quite a bit of the game myself, and while survival can sometimes seem impossible, the punishing obstacles that Scout and Aesop face make their victory all the more satisfying. It's also got a beautiful indie folk aesthetic and charming art style that makes it a feast for the eyes and ears.

So while The Flame in the Flood is just as likely to kill you with hunger, cold or injury with zero remorse, you'll end up replaying over and over again as you become absorbed by its world. 

Might as well pick it up now, if you're at the very least hankering for a pretty good game to play over the weekend. At the unbelievably low price of zero dollars, its hard to say no.