A Roguelite Shooter With A Pinch Of Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Developed by NBYVE Studios, Hypergun is a rogue-lite shooter with neon-filled visuals and sounds that make me want to revisit Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. 

In Hypergun, you play as Dewey Owens, an intern at DevTech Labs who makes use of the company's Hypergun to clear up the invading enemies. 

The game will have a variety of weapon customization on launch, around 150 weapon modules, to be exact. Each run in the game gives you a chance to combine various weapon mods to get stronger and hopefully be enough for the next wave of enemies. 

There will be abilities to unlock as you go through the game's procedurally generated levels, and each one will have a boss waiting for you at the end.

NBYVE Studios' last game was another shooter called P.A.M.E.L.A, but that one is a survival horror compared to Hypergun which has a lot more color and more fast-paced. I'm getting a Quake/Doom feel when it comes to the gameplay and how the stages are structured, but we'll see how it plays when it comes out later this year. 

Hypergun will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.