Rage 2 Will Be Announced Soon

[UPDATE]: It's finally official, check out the teaser trailer revealing that gameplay footage will be shown tomorrow. 

Well, as 5-14 gets closer, it looks like it's getting harder to contain the imminent announcement of Rage 2, the sequel to Id Software's shooter Rage.

Have a look at the leaked teaser of the trailer below, and hopefully, the link still works and doesn't get DMCA'd.

Rage 2 and the Color Pink

What's leaked is pretty much showing off the tone of the unannounced game. A live-action trailer that suggests a much brighter take on the post-apocalyptic setting, a world that has been cursed with a brown palette. The Mad Max craziness still seems intact. 

If you've been updated with Bethesda's Twitter account, you'll know that they have been at it with this 5-14 marketing campaign, suggesting a big announcement on May 15. With leaked info plus all the photos they have been posting to tease fans, it's only a matter of time until it becomes official. 

Even Rage's official twitter account is on it, even pointing out Walmart's failed attempt at a Rage 2 key art.

We will update this post as soon as Bethesda makes it official.