Han Solo Season For Star Wars Battlefront II Is Going To Be 'Legendary'


At least that's the claim that EA Dice is making regarding the next update to the once controversial but now mostly forgotten Star Wars licensed action shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2. "The Han Solo Season," will be released in time to coincide with the theatrical release of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Han Solo Season begins on May 15 with a return to Jabba’s Place and the addition of a Hero Showdown mode that lets players take their favorite heroes into 2v2 battles. There are also two new cosmetics that are inspired by Return of the Jedi: a palace guard disguise for Lando and the Boushh disguise for Leia. There will also be a custom arcade mode where players can fly starfighters from all eras of the Star Wars universe.


More Solo: A Star Wars Story inspired content is scheduled to come out in June. DICE said that it is "going to be quite... Legendary." Battlefront II will also be updated to let players spend Skill Points in between rounds, fresh Milestones to achieve and a "brand new world."

As many gamers know, Battlefront II was at the center of controversy after launching last year with a loot crate system and progression system that felt obtuse and unfair and exploited people with addiction problems. It and other games with loot boxes drew the attention of politicians around the world, and calls continue to be made to regulate games with loot boxes and in-game purchases.

EA and DICE backpedaled by first suspending microtransactions in Battlefront II prior to release and then revamped the progression system in March. And while they’ve been able to put these controversial systems behind them to focus on the production of seasonal updates such as last December’s The Last Jedi update, it’s not clear sailing just yet for the game.

The announcement was downvoted heavily over at the Battlefront subreddit, mostly over concerns the game is being abandoned. A leak earlier this week suggests team members are being reallocated to other projects across EA and DICE, and while that leak remains unverified, its credibility has been bolstered by accurate predictions regarding the Han Solo Season.


While its doubtful that the Han Solo Season alone can undo some of the cynicism of Battlefront II’s most devoted players, one can only hope for their sake that EA and DICE will be able to course correct. If Ubisoft can do it with Rainbow Six: Siege, then surely EA and DICE can with a powerhouse brand like Star Wars.