Ubisoft Is Finally Addressing Rainbow Six Siege's Toxicity Problem


Rainbow Six Siege is in a fantastic position right now if you compare how it was during it's first year. But not all is perfect for the online shooter because it does have a toxicity problem. Today, Ubisoft has given details on the improvements to hopefully reduce the current state of in-game chat on the PC platform. 

In a Reddit post, Ubisoft's Community Developer Craig Robinson announced that these changes will affect those expressing racial and homophonic slurs, or hate speech during a match.

“We will be tracking the frequency at which language that violates the Code of Conduct is used by individual players, and will apply the appropriate ban on a case-by-case basis,” Robinson said.

These bans can last from 7 days to a permanent account ban, depending on the case. A pop up will show up informing the player has been banned thanks to toxicity and just like how during a game the whole community is informed if a player was banned for cheating, the same message will show up, saying “[username] has been banned for toxicity”.

As mentioned before, or even during some podcast episodes, I've been enjoying my time with Rainbow Six Siege and understand the toxic behavior all too well. You will feel the hostility from other players by simply having slow computers or you not performing as well as the rest. Racial slurs tend to happen in Southeast Asia servers thanks to the many languages you will encounter and the tension tends to escalate to team killing.

Rainbow Six Siege is also getting their next big content update this week. Operation Chimera hits on March 6 and the update includes two new operators and a co-op game mode called Outbreak that will be available for a limited time.