Monster Hunter: World Updated With Character Edit Voucher


You know how it is. You spend an ungodly amount of time perfecting your look in the character customization screen. Hours pass, and you’re feeling pretty satisfied with perfectly tousled hair or tweaking a jaw that will yield the perfect smirk so you click ‘OK.’

And then the first cut scene plays and your eyes widen in horror and you catch your breath to recover from a most profound regret and perhaps even betrayal, for your character doesn’t look at all as the customization screen promised! You'd been lied to by the less than accurate lighting in character creation, and the less than representative preview animations! 

That’s definitely the case for Monster Hunter: World, in which many players expressed disappointment at how their toons looked when in the game proper. That’s why ahead of the game’s first huge update and seasonal event, Capcom has handed out vouchers that will let players change their character’s look, free of charge.

And by free of charge, they mean that yes, subsequent revisions to your character’s look will cost you real world monies. That’s not great, given how past video games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Saint’s Row IV let you tweak your in-game appearance at no cost, but it’s better than nothing. Once used, the character voucher will let you modify the aesthetic look of your hunter.

It won’t, however, let you choose a new name or make changes to your palico companion. But that’s okay, because everyone knows cats are perfection and don’t ever need to change. Xbox One players can secure their voucher here while PlayStation 4 hunters will find theirs here.