The Weekend Playlist: Gwenthammer: Rise of the Vermintide Edition

Spring is the new fall when it comes to videogames, as the release calendar heats up once more. Which means we'll be up to our eyeballs in games like The Crew 2, Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, Yakuza 6, God of War and many, many, many more. Normally, that means time to dig into our unplayed pile of shame, but why do that when you can replay games you've already finished?

Drop us a line or two in the comments and let me know what you're irresponsibly replaying at the expense of all the other unfinished games you own!

Carlos Hernandez, Creative Director

I’ve been playing Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and I foresee that my focus will still be on that this weekend because it’s damn addicting. I’m about a level away from maxing out my first character and there is still loot to find for him after. The other characters are a lot of fun too, so I’ll probably play them over the weekend. If you enjoy games like Payday or Left 4 Dead, you’ll appreciate what Fatshark has done in Vermintide 2.


I’ve also found myself getting back into Gwent. A lot of new cards have been added since I last played, and that means changing up most of the decks I got accustomed to months ago. They added a new game mode called Arena and there are now daily quests. It’s hard to say no to one of the most generous free-to-play online card games out there.

Matthew Arcilla, Consulting Editor

It’s sheer coincidence that I started playing Rise of the Tomb Raider the same week that the new movie landed in theaters. Even though I’ve written about Tomb Raider extensively for other sites, the release date just fell out of the back of my mind once I was waist deep in the chaos of occupied Siberia again.


Despite being of the same generation that grew up with Lara Croft as bad-ass role model and also sweaty adolescent fantasy, I never really took to the Tomb Raider franchise until the 2013 reboot. The grounded and more humanized take on the character has been my Lara ever since, which drove me to do a completionist run on TR2013 last year. This time, I’m doing the same for Rise – unlocking all the skills, getting all the collectibles and raiding all the tombs.