Sonic The Hedgehog Modded Into Dragon Ball FighterZ, Complete With Super Sonic

It's great. If there's one thing that I enjoy when getting a PC version of a title, its that the modding community might just give you a handful of options to customize your game. So, watch Sonic the Hedgehog beatthe crap out of Dragon Ball FighterZ characters above. 

Modder Beatz uploaded the work-in-progress video showing Sonic Skins overwriting the character Teen Gohan. The voice and move sets of Teen Gohan are present but the new skin looks to be working as intended, doing kamehamehas with a grin on this face. Beatz states that there's a lot of work to be done before release but it's looking good so far. 

Since release, the modding community have been providing the player base different variations of each character from having Goku at Super Saiyan 3 mode at all times to how Frieza looks at 100%. The Sonic mod is probably one of the first characters outside the series to be ported into the game.

The work done on this mod is a collaboration between modders BeatzYT3, SirGiygas, NibrocRock, and _Mizumi. It's not available just yet but check out the Dragon Ball FighterZ website for any updates. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ is doing pretty well since it was released a few weeks ago. It's an amazing fighting game by System Arcs Works that caters to fans of the series and to veteran fighting game enthusiasts with its deep game mechanics. It's now also a major feature in this year's Evo tournament, the biggest fighting game tournament event in the world.