Dead Space Is On The House Again On Origin

One of the best survival horror games of the past decade is now free on EA's 'On The House' program on Origin for a limited time. Grab a copy right now before you miss your chance.

This is the second time EA has given Dead Space for free. The first time was back in March 2014 on the same program. 

Released back in 2008, you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent with a team to investigate a distress signal sent by the USG Ishimura. Naturally, things go horribly wrong and you find Isaac wandering around a near-abandoned starship, improvising mining equipment to fend off waves of Necromorphs, deformed creatures spawned from human remains. Not only did Visceral Games create a horrific atmosphere, they implemented a new twist in the game's gameplay -shooting the head or body isn't the best solution when dealing with these creatures. Dismembering their limbs were the best way of dealing with Necromorphs, which creates another layer of tension when you have one of these nasties in front of you. 

It's a fantastic series and they did an even better job with the sequel. Sadly, we most likely won't be seeing anything new from the franchise anytime soon. EA closed down Visceral Games last October, which was actually hard at work on a new Star Wars game.