Pillars of Eternity 2 Will Be Playable On Toilet Via Nintendo Switch


The end of January saw an announcement from Obsidian Entertainment that Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire would be arriving to Windows, Linux and Mac in April. Now we've got confirmation that the game will be coming to consoles, not just on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but the Nintendo Switch too. 

While the first Pillars of Eternity got some serviceable ports on PS4 and Xbox One by Paradox Arctic, the loading screen wait times tended to climb up as playtimes progressed. The ports for Pillars 2 will be handled by Red Cerberus this time around, and we hope that those technical hurdles that plagued Pillars 1 can be overcome. 

Never mind those PS4 and Xbox One ports, if the Switch version handles as well as other Switch ports, it will become the ideal platform for a game like Pillars 2, which is in the neo-classical style of CRPGs like Tyranny and Divinity: Original Sin. That means a long, winding RPG epic that could be played in bed, on the train, and more importantly, on the toilet. 

With Pillars 2, Obsidian is promising "a vast open world explorable by the player's own customizable ship, character customization with enough options to make any RPG player want to make a hundred characters, and an exciting narrative that truly delivers on the reactivity that makes our games special."