Kingdom Hearts III Reminds Us It Exists With New Trailer, New Song And Monsters, Inc


Yesterday at D23 Expo Japan, Disney and Square Enix unveiled more of Kingdom Hearts III, reminding us that the long awaited final installment in the property mashup series of RPGs is real and totally exists. 

The publisher's new trailer confirmed that the world of Monsters, Inc. will be making an appearance in the game. Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan will join Sora, Donald and Goofy for part of their adventure. Much like the Toy Story reveal from last year in which the trio are transformed into toy versions of themselves, this trailer showcases them as furry monsters. 

The trailer transitions into quick cuts between different sections from throughout the game, and we're given very fleeting glimpses at the Tangled world and The Little Mermaid's Ariel making an appearance, as well as Vanitas, the Keyblade wielder that made his debut in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

According to Square Enix, everyone in the Osaka studio is working on Kingdom Hearts 3, GameSpot reports. A hundred people from the Tokyo studio are also involved. Those who have been cringing over the long development journey, might be glad to know that early phase worlds are 90 percent complete, while middle section worlds are at around 60 percent.

A huge nostalgia drop was made by Square Enix though, when they confirmed that Utada Hikaru, the R&B sensation of the late 90s who recorded songs for previous games, returns with the third game's theme song, called "Don't Think Twice." You can hear the song in this second new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. 

Kingdom Hearts III still lacks an exact release date, though the official word right now from Square and Disney is that it'll be coming out this year. The series has generally remained on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms, but the Kingdom Hearts III will also be coming to Xbox One. It will be the first time a Kingdom Hearts game will be released on the Xbox platform.