TMG Podcast Episode 182 - 2018 Begins!

182 Cover.jpg

The TMG Podcast is back and this is our first episode for 2018. We reserved the big topics for the next time because this one is more chill and focuses on what we played during the break and what to expect from 2018 as well as expand on the gaming resolutions we've set for 2018


-What we've played during the break
Rainbow Six: Siege
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
Ladykiller in a Bind
- Gaming resolutions for 2018
- What are you looking forward to this year

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Do you like the show? Tell us what you think below! Also, do give us your thoughts on the games and topics discussed in this episode. Throw in your questions as well or topics you'd like us to discuss. You never know, it might just make it on the next episode!