The PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Special Edition Is Looking Good

PS4 GT Sport.jpg

PS4 special editions are common nowadays, especially when an exclusive franchise is planned for release. With Gran Turismo Sport all set for release this October, it's only fitting to have an option like the Gran Turismo PS4 special edition. It's simple, yet it works. The silver two tone with the GT logo slapped on top of the console fits nicely as the GT themed PS4 Slim. This PS4 will be available in October. 

The PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Special Edition is priced at PHP 20,900 in the Philippines and will have 1TB of space, the GT themed PS4 controller and a physical copy of Gran Turismo Sport. There's no exact date of when this will be available but expect this package to hit shelves during the release of Gran Turismo Sport or sometime after release in October. 

Gran Turismo Sport is what I'd like to call a more focused title from Polyphony Digital. The game will feature over 150 vehicles, a lot smaller compared to Gran Turismo 6's whopping 1,197 vehicle lineup in the game. But more simply doesn't mean better. With the crazy realistic handling Gran Turismo is known for, the focus on a smaller lineup of cars makes us think the quality is more defined in Gran Turismo Sport, making this an enticing first entry on the PS4. GT Sport will also feature 28 different course layouts on release.

Gran Turismo Sport is planned for an October 17 exclusive to the PS4.